Demonstrating Value for Money

At Cottsway we work to ensure that we can always demonstrate Value for Money. Published this week, our annual Value for Money report (2016-17), shows that year on year we are making significant achievements when it comes to creating value and ensuring financial efficiency.

Chief Executive of Cottsway Housing Vivian Rosser said:

“The housing shortage and the high cost of renting in the private sector have made us even more determined that Cottsway builds as much affordable housing as possible to help the needs of a wider range of people in our communities. The more efficient we are as a business, the more money we have to reinvest in new homes and services.”

This year’s report, required by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), charts some notable successes including Cotsway’s announcement that it will build 37% more new homes than previously planned by 2022. This is because we increased planned new homes development from 500 to 752 in our 2015-16 business plan.

In addition, we have reported that our customers’ rent arrears are down by 1.13% and that customers’ satisfaction in the value that they get in return for the rent that they pay us is high at 87%. Another achievement is that we are managing to reduce the amount it costs to manage each of our properties year on year and that our ‘costs per unit’ compare well with other registered social housing providers.

This year’s report includes, for the first time, a sector scorecard, developed by the housing sector, which has 15 measures split across five categories and is designed to ensure easy performance comparisons across the sector. You can find out more by reading the report here.